Marketing is a puzzle. The individual pieces of a comprehensive marketing initiative each hold their distinct position and yet play an interlocking role in creating the shape of the larger vision. Standing on its own, any individual piece is neither consequential nor definitive. But as the pieces are laid out in the right relation to each other, the bigger picture comes into focus and, ultimately, is seen as one purposeful and seamless whole.

But just as there would be little sense in pouring out the pieces of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and attempting to build it without ever looking at the picture on the box to understand what you are building, so does it not make sense to engage marketing tactics without someone who has seen the bigger picture, and who understands how the pieces will come together to build the whole, to lead and execute the mission.

Such is the role of a Chief Marketing Officer.


But a company in need of an experienced marketing lead is not always in the position to afford the time or resources to make such a consequential hire. Where urgency and flexibility are at a premium the answer can often be to hire a Fractional CMO.



A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is an experienced, but part-time, marketing leader who can seamlessly step into your organization to provide short-term leadership, vision and strategy in a customized and flexible capacity.


Hiring a Fractional CMO allows you to integrate the CEO and Leadership Team’s vision for the company into a well thought out marketing roadmap, without the expense and commitment of hiring a full-time new member of the C Suite. An experienced Fractional CMO can join the team in-process, identify the best marketing strategy for your company, ensure that the necessary resources, team members and vendors are in place, and then lead the marketing initiative.

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David Shay


David Shay is the principal of Stone Soup Communications LLC, a marketing consultancy and Fractional CMO practice that builds and elevates marketing initiatives for forward-leaning media/tech companies.

In creating solutions for his clients, David leverages the experiences and skill sets gained during his 10-year run as Head of Marketing & Communications for one of the earliest online ad networks as it grew from a 13-employee start-up into a major player in the digital advertising – ultimately generating more than $100M in annual revenue and employing more than 140.

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David is a certified member of CMOx®, an accelerator and consortium for Fractional CMOs to pool resources and visions as they execute and evangelize a process-driven set of protocols and practices in delivering value to their clients.


Overview of Strategy


The Functional Marketing® Framework is the conceptual model behind the CMOx® approach and all the processes and protocols suggested and executed by a CMOx® certified Fractional CMO will be designed to support and follow this model. This model focuses on a 90 day ‘ramp up’ during which there is a deep dive into a collective understanding of a company’s needs, resources, and positioning to fully develop the ‘machine’ that will create a scalable flywheel, capable of perpetuating and growing the company’s customer base.


The First 90 Days:


During the first 90-day sprint, in addition to the general focuses of engagement developed in your Scope of Work agreement, your Fractional CMO will implement the following specific CMOx® protocols/exercises with the goal of creating a strong marketing foundation that can effectively be built upon and elevated:


Asset Audit Questionnaire™: A comprehensive analysis/snapshot of all potential resources available to the marketing team.

2-90-2™ Planning Session: A strong level set and socialization of the company’s short-term, mid-term and long-term marketing and growth goals.

Compassionate Avatar Realization Exercise™: Deep analysis of the company’s target marketing audience personas, including explorations of best strategies to target each persona.

Past Marketing Campaign Snapshot™: Analysis of historical efforts to understand which elements should be repeated, improved, or left behind.

Functional Marketing® Systems Map: Plotting out the most desirable touchpoint user experience flow for all company sales/marketing endeavors. This map will facilitate the creation of sales support materials and processes.

Draft of the Initial Marketing Calendar: Comprehensive roadmap of best practices to target, reach and compel targeted personas for the next 3-6 months.

Due Diligence Competitive Discovery™: If there is not an adequate reporting from the firm on its competitors in the industry, your CMOx® will lead discussion around developing such a report.

CMOx® Engaged
  • A fully engaged Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for your business for 10-15 hours per week

  • Deploys the Functional Marketing® Framework to build out marketing strategy, establish KPIs and reporting, define positioning, and more

  • Functional Marketing® Systems Map delivered after the first 30 days

  • Sprint Planning and Review calls led weekly

  • Hire, train, manage and evaluate vendors, employees, & contractors

  • 3-month minimum commitment `

  • INVESTMENT: Starting at $7,500/month

CMOx® Half-Day Strategy Consultative Session
  • 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing® Framework to focus your marketing strategy. Customized based on your company’s needs. 

  • 10-day preparatory period during which your team is supplied and guided through a detailed 14-page questionnaire to be walked through during session

  • Delivery includes immediate marketing punch list, list of blind spots, and suggested marketing campaigns for next 1-6 months

  • INVESTMENT: $5,000

CMOx® Advisor
  • A certified Fractional CMO leading your marketing team as a strategic advisor

  • Sprint Planning calls led twice-monthly

  • Unlimited email correspondence 

  • Access to all CMOx® marketing campaign standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • Available only after at least one 90-day sprint with ‘Engaged’ or a ‘Half-Day Consultative Strategy Session’

  • 6-month commitment


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Mike Seiman

Founder & CEO 

Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy delivers advertisers, publishers, and agencies the innovation, technology, and customer service they need to make the most of their online advertising endeavors.

“In 2006, our company (then called CPX Interactive) was one of the earliest ad networks. David joined as employee #13, and our first marketing resource. Over the course of the next 10 years, as we grew to a company of over 130 employees, David led our marketing and communications initiative, at first on his own and then building teams that would handle brand/product positioning, PR, thought leadership, event marketing, social media, internal comms, crisis management and more. All along the way, he was a trusted and valuable member of our leadership team.


Amongst David’s many skills is the ability to align team focus, sifting through the noise to identify the crucial elements, and building consensus that leads to action. This skill makes him an extremely strong manager of even the most complex projects and a real catalyst for success in any endeavor.”

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Scott Brew

President & CEO 


Adtegrity partners with advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and in-house advertising departments, providing full-service digital advertising expertise

“I had the opportunity to work with David when he joined the Adtegrity team as a Marketing/Communications consultant as we were planning a corporate acquisition and restructuring that was to set the table for the launch of a new offering that was to establish a footprint in the NYC area. David was invaluable in helping us plan our new corporate brand architecture and creating the communications strategy that would introduce the rollout to the industry. 

During our time working together, I was impressed with David’s ability to quickly dive into a fluid situation, seamlessly access our needs and to begin creating real value. His flexibility, professionalism and communications skill set were refreshing, and I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

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William Gorfein

Founder & CEO


PeerLogix (OTC: LOGX) is the recognized leader in the global OTT data-as-a-service space. The company’s proprietary and patented technology sits directly ‘in the stream’ and captures viewer consumption behaviors related to more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies, in more than 180 million households and streamed across virtually every open source OTT network.

“I am pleased to recommend David Shay. Dave is an incredibly smart, articulate, and insightful marketer, networker, and developer of brands. He has a keen sense of product development, a positive and optimistic outlook, and the will, expertise, and determination to find solutions to problems for his clients and others.


Dave has excellent depth of marketing and writing expertise. As our Fractional CMO, he has been critically important to our company as he has led the  productization of our offering and  the go-to-market efforts surrounding the new model. His professionalism, tenacity, and energy make him a highly valued member of any team and I look forward to continuing our work together.”

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Richard Bukowski

Innovator, Futurist and Founder

Digital Wheel of Fortune

Digital Wheel of Fortune (DWoF) is an emerging media consultancy group created to help companies maximize their potential via innovative and experiential technologies.

“I have known and worked with David for over 10 years and have watched him lead marketing/communications efforts in both Head of Marketing and Consultant/Fractional CMO roles. His trademark focus is always finding ways to turn even the most complex concepts into an easily digestible story.

He intuitively understands how each story needs to be built and weaved into a go-to-market initiative and enthusiastically brings his team or client along for the ride. I have always enjoyed working with him and would recommend him as an asset to any project – large or small.”

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